Thursday, June 24, 2004

I am trying out the Aston shell replacement for Windows Explorer, which is the default shell for Windows. It is available at It's neat, especially since you don't really have to go into the configuration file - there is interactive support.

The only thing that's a problem, for me, is that it is shareware. Although visually stimulating, I am really not sure that it is worth paying for. Windows Explorer has object-oriented support, which I find much smarter and more satisfying. And there is always LiteStep, at

I discovered, after many hours of work, that the FDISK shipped with Windows 98 SE ver. 10.2222 does not support hard drives larger than 64 GB. It rolls over to 0 and you get the disk size modulo 64 GB.

See here for Microsoft KnowledgeBase article:;en-us;263044