Sunday, February 29, 2004

If you've ever wondered, "How do I get my Internet Explorer setup files to be available *after* the install, not just a direct install from Microsoft?"...

There is a button labeled "Advanced" on the right side of one of the screens before the actual file download starts. If you click on that button, you will find an option to download the setup files to your hard disk for later use.

By the way, the currrent version of IE is 6.0 SP1.
A Note About Installing/Uninstalling Programs

- When installing a program that uses an installer, it is best to re-boot immediately after install to allow any registration entries to be made. When uninstalling, re-boot as well for the same reason.

-To uninstall a program, first check and see if it is in the Control Panel "Add/Remove Programs" list. If so, you can uninstall from there.

- The next solution would be to look in the program's main folder to see if there is an uninstall file If not, you have no recourse except to just delete the program's folder tree.

- When upgrading a program, back up any of your data that resides in the program's folder tree before you start. Try to find out on the website whether to delete the old program files before installing the new ones or to just install over the old files. Failing that, if the file is a .zip file, read any readme.txt file for further information.

- Reboot after installing.